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Geriatric Care Management FAQ's

We understand your personal situation is unique and may not be addressed below. 
Please contact Dorian Maples & Associates with your individual concerns so that we can tailor our assistance to your special needs.

Q: Our parents live alone and want to move. How can you as a Professional Geriatric Care Manager (PGCM) help us?

A: As an experienced Professional Geriatric Care Manager, we can assist you in assessing your parents' needs for living arrangements and make recommendations for those arrangements. We may help in organizing the move if you wish.

Q: How do we find the appropriate assistance for my mother in her home?

A: We may assist you with recommendations to arrange local home care and other needed support services in your mother's home.

Q: My father's physician has told us that he needs to go to a nursing home. How do we know what to look for when choosing a nursing home?

A: We are knowledgeable about local long term care options and will work with you to look at all your family’s needs and assist you in making the best informed decision for your father.

Q: We have many responsibilities to my church, spouse, children, and career. How can you help us with our mother's care at her Assisted Living Facility?

A: As a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, we may act as your mother's advocate and as a liaison for you by providing written or verbal updates on your mother as we make periodic visits to assess her health and well being. Of course you remain involved in any decision making.

Q: We are not medical people. How do we know what is right to do for our older sister who has had a stroke?

A: With our many years of experience in the medical field we may help you with an assessment of her needs and make recommendations for her care on an ongoing basis so you are making informed decisions.

Q: How much of a role should my siblings and I play in caring for our parents?

A: Families have definite roles and functions for siblings to perform. These may vary from family to family, as well as from culture to culture. Click here to download a recent article addressing this question.

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Geriatric Care Management FAQ's