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Let’s face it, needs change on a continuing basis, which means care needs to be changed as well. Once you’ve made your informed decision on care management, it’s very likely you may have continuing needs or you may be concerned about the implementation of the care plan and its success. At Dorian Maples & Associates, there is no need for you to worry. Our caring professional geriatric managers will continue to assist you in monitoring and evaluating the continuing care for your family member.

And, as your needs change, Dorian Maples & Associates will continue to assist you in reassessing the evolving concerns that you may experience. At Dorian Maples & Associates, we are here to ease your burden, thereby bringing peace of mind to you and your family.

Let our caring professional geriatric managers be your liaison, advocate, and/or support system today. Contact us for support and navigation through the process of managing the care for your loved one.

Continuity of Care

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Continuity of Care