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For Immediate Release 8/16
Local Nurse Presenter at National Conference

Registered Nurse and owner of Dorian Maples & Associates, is scheduled to present at the 2016 Annual Leadership Conference...

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For Immediate Release 7/16
New Employee Announcement

Becky Chasey, AAS, joined Dorian Maples & Associates this year as Personal Organizer...

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For Immediate Release 2/16
Local Nurse Appointed By Governor

Dorian Maples, Registered Nurse and owner of Dorian Maples & Associates, has been appointed by Governor Pence of Indiana to the Community and Home Options to Institutional Care for the Elderly and Disabled (CHOICE) Board...

* * *

For Immediate Release 1/15
Third Certified Senior Advisor Certification Achieved To Help Better Serve Seniors

Denise Lochner, Personal Organizer of Dorian Maples & Associates, has achieved the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® certification...

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For Immediate Release 1/14
Local business’s management team completes pre-certification course to become Indiana Navigators

Local business’s vision to help enrich client and employee lives.

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For Immediate Release 12/13
Local employers award college scholarship

The Maples’ Scholarship is awarded to an employee of Angel Corps, Dorian Maples & Associates, First Call Medical Staffing, or Home Nursing Services to fund tuition and fees toward education relating to the home health care field.

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Press Release June 24, 2011
Jan Evrard earned the designation of Certified Senior Advisor.

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Press Release June 3, 2011
Margeaux Corrao has joined the team of locally owned Home Nursing Services and sister companies:  Angel Corps, First Call Medical Staffing, and Dorian Maples & Associates as Marketing Director.

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Congratulations Dorian Maples on being a 2010 Athena Award nominee AND 2010 Torchbearer nominee!

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For Immediate Release 03/05/2010
Press Release

The Indiana Commission for Women has announced that Dorian Maples has been selected as a finalist for a 2010 Torchbearer Award. The Torchbearer Awards were created to recognize Hoosier women who have overcome or removed barriers to quality or whose achievements have contributed to making our state a better place in which to live, work and raise a family. Dorian Maples is founder and owner of Angel Corps, Home Nursing Services, First Call Medical Staffing, and Dorian Maples & Associates.

Dorian Maples & Associates is locally owned by Dorian Maples. Dorian is a Registered Nurse.

* * *

Congratulations, Dorian Maples!
Winner of the 2009 McFarland Award, Indiana’s Highest Honor In Home Care.

Congratulations to Dorian Maples, RN, co-owner and co-founder of Angel Corps and Home Nursing Services.  Dorian received the Nora J. McFarland award from the Indiana Association for Home & Hospice Care (IAHHC) at the association’s annual meeting in Indianapolis. Download the rest of the article here.

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Honoring the Elder

Artistry with Glass and Stone” is an article published last spring about Papa Joe. Thanks to a health crisis, his life changed drastically on August 30, 2011, only three days after his 80th birthday. As I stayed by his side in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) watching for small signs of improvement, I realized the value of implementing the teachings of the Eden At Home Philosophy by Dr. William H. Thomas.

According to Eden At Home Philosophy, elder and partner are used to capture the older adults’ wisdom, teachings and experiences. There are also 10 principals created by this philosophy to move professionals from a cold to warm environments called Human Habitat. Unfortunately, the ICU is a long way from the Human Habitat Papa Joe and his family established in his home.

The family initiated the following to enhance the Human Habitat for supporting growth and healing during Papa Joe’s recovery and rehabilitation.

  • A journal of blessings was purchased at the hospital gift shop. Visitors wrote thoughts and prayers for Papa Joe believing he would read them someday.
  • His daily recovery process was documented.
  • A webpage was launched to inform his hundreds friends about his progress and needs.
  • Visitors were restricted to family members
  • The “Artistry with Glass and Stone” article was copied and introduced to every medical person entering the room before they performed care tasks.
  • The article was hung on the wall so Papa Joe could see the article and remember who he was. He needed to know he was returning to a loving family and friends.
  • The Buddha Board from the Fort Wayne Museum of Art gift shop involved bringing his love of the arts back into his daily routine.

These are only a few ideas of hundreds of possible ideas to use when you are honoring the elder in your unique situation. For more information, visit www.edenalt.org.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions on our Facebook page.  Please attend the Eden presentation by my associates, Ruth Force and Robin Norman, at Tapestry, A Day For You, April 27 2012 titled “Gardening: Its more than just dirt and bugs” inspired by our journey with our clients.

Post Script, you may read the article “Artistry with Glass and Stone”.

Dorian Maples, RN, BA, CMC
Professional Geriatric Care Manager
Dorian Maples & Associates

(260) 918-1141

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Our mission at Dorian Maples & Associates: Honoring the Wisdom of Adults in the Fullness of their Life by positively embracing their wishes and support system.

* * *

"Red Flags" to watch for when visiting aging family members over the holidays:

  • Change in weight
  • Change in short term memory
  • Change in usual routine
  • Change is speech and/or ambulation
  • Bills not being paid
  • Entering contests
  • Refusing to go with friends on outings or going to church
  • Refusing any suggestions as well as agreeing to everything without giving consideration to consequences
  • Mood swings, getting angry quickly
  • Refusing to see medical providers
  • Inability to take care of activities of daily living: cooking, dressing, bathing, housekeeping to name a few.

You have noticed the above Red Flags during your visit with your older loved one during the holidays. You are not sure what to do next, so you call the neighborhood Care Manager that focuses in caring for the older adult. The Care Manager will discuss with you what is care management and how to get started.

Provided by:
The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (GCM)

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